A Quick Glimpse to Equestrianism
Are you familiar with equestrianism? If not, this is the perfect time for you to know and learn more about the above mentioned term. When you hear the term “Equestrianism”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? According to researches, the term “Equestrianism” comes from a Latin word that simply means horseback riding in American English and horse riding in British English.
In other cases, the Equestrianism refers to the skill of vaulting or steeplechasing, driving and riding with horses. The broad description of the term is usually used for practical purposes that include competitive sport, cultural exercises, artistic, recreational activities and transportation.
A Broad Overview to Equestrianism Activities
During the Equestrianism activities, most of the horses are being ridden and trained for practical purposes which include police work and controlling herd animals on ranch. The horses are being used for competitive sports such as rodeo, driving, horse racing, polo, vaulting, tent pegging, show jumping, reining, eventing, endurance riding and dressage. Donkeys, mules and horses are also used in some of the recreational riding and non competitive shows such as hacking, trail riding and fox hunting. In the recent year, most of the countries have public access on independent riding, public stables, ranches and parks.
Furthermore, most of the horses can also be used for paraequestrian competition, therapeutic purposes and non competitive riding to enhance the emotional development and human health. Horses are driven in horse shows, different kinds of exhibitions, harness racing, ceremony or historical reenactment and pulling carriages. However, in other parts of the globe, horses are being used for farming purposes. In the current year, horses is widely used during public service, traditional ceremonies like funerals, parades, mounted volunteer and police patrols and search and rescue.
History of Equestrianism
Most people are wondering for the accurate date wherein the horses are first ridden and domesticated. According to studies, the estimate year was during the 4500 BC however there are still indirect evidences that shown that horses are being used and ridden for a long time ago. There are also evidences that during 6,000 years ago, people are using horses near the Don River and Dnieper just to get bits on horse. During the ancient year, horses play a vital role in human history especially when it comes to agriculture, trade and transportation.
Most of the horses typically lived in the country of North America but when the Ice Age occurs, most of the horses died. According to archaeological evidences, most of the horses are considered as working animals particularly during chariot warfare since horses are being used in chariot burials. In 1493, most of the Europeans decided to bring back the horses in the country of North America for a new beginning. This is one of the reasons why most of the horses are important in the human history.
Horse Racing
During the ancient time, most people don’t have any idea on how to choose the fastest horse to compete on horse racing. When they already have a better understanding on choosing for the fastest horse, this is the time that horse racing was being introduced to most countries all over the globe. Horse racing can be classified as a form of gambling especially when most people become addicted to this kind of gambling.
Until now, the horse racing is considered as one of the most popular gambling that most people really love to play. It is true that horse racing will give you enjoyment and fun and this is one of the reasons why most people especially men becomes more addicted to horse racing. On the positive note, horse racing can also be one finest pastime that you should try.
Kinds of Horse Racing
Horse racing comes with various kinds that you can opt from. In order for you to be familiar with them, check this out:

  • Thoroughbred

It is considered as one of the famous horse racing form in the world. In the country of United Kingdom, it is called as flat racing and it is being governed by Jockey Club while in United States of America, it is being governed by North America Jockey Club.

  • Steeplechasing

It typically involves track racing wherein most of the horses usually jump over the obstacles. This kind of horse racing is very popular in the country of United Kingdom and it is also known as National Hunt racing.

  • Quarter American

In this kind of horse racing, the distance races are about quarter mile. It is mostly seen in the country of United States of America that is being governed by American Horse Association.

  • Endurance Riding

It is a kind of sport with the use of Arabian horse. It is widely seen in the country of Europe and United States of America. It is also being governed by Equestre International and Ride Conference as well as the well known Tevis Cup.

  • Tie and Ride

In this kind of horse racing, it involves 3 equal partners with 2 humans and 1 horse. The humans will alternately ride and run. It is very popular in the country of North America. Most people really love to foresee this kind of horse racing competition.
Olympic Disciplines                     
In the world of Equestrianism, there are a wide variety of Olympic Disciplines that must be taken into consideration. Most of the Equestrian events have their own Olympic Disciplines to make sure that the Equestrianism is safe and secure to play.

  • Dressage

It is a kind of French training that usually involves progressive training that includes obedience, collection and impulsion.

  • Show Jumping

It commonly involves timed out and the potential of the horse to easily jump over the obstacles. The horse must successfully jump over the given obstacles to win the horse racing competition.

  • Eventing  

It is also known combined training, complete test and horse trials. Most of the horses that are part of the horse riding competition must follow all the Olympic Disciplines to make sure that everything will come into place.
Explore the thrilling and adventurous world of Equestrianism and rest assured that you will be astonished with the surprising facts about Equestrianism.

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